Protecting Your Income

As part of your total rewards package, Eddie Bauer offers several benefits to help you protect your income. Read more about your options below…

Disability Benefits

Manulife administers both the STD and LTD benefit plans. You will find specific details about these benefits in the Manulife Benefits Booklet available on the Plan Descriptions and Forms page.

Full-time management is eligible for STD and LTD coverage. After 180 days of employment/eligibility, eligible associates will automatically be enroled in the STD/LTD disability plans. No enrolment is required.

Short-Term Disability (STD)

Available to salaried and full-time regular associates, the STD plan provides benefits for a qualifying disability lasting up to 26 weeks.

  • Payments begin after you have used up all of your accrued sick days and/or exhausted the elimination period.
  • The STD plan provides coverage equal to 60% of your weekly income, up to $1,500/week.
  • All payments from the STD plan are taxable as regular income under current tax rules.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

If your disability extends beyond 26 weeks, you may qualify for payments under the LTD plan — provided you are a store management associate.

  • Effective 1 June 2019, LTD coverage is associate-paid, resulting in associates receiving higher net benefits when on LTD since they are not taxed on them.
  • The LTD plan provides a monthly benefit equal to 60% of your monthly income, to a maximum benefit of $10,000 per month.
  • The associate rate is $0.816 per $100 of monthly benefit. Follow the example below to calculate the rate for yourself:

Annual Salary$50,000
Monthly Salary
(Divide Annual Salary by 12)
($50,000 / 12)
Monthly Coverage
(Multiply Monthly Salary by 60%)
($4,166.67 x .60)
Monthly Coverage
(Convert Monthly Salary by Number of $100s)
Cost per pay period
(Multiply $0.816 by Number of $100s)
($0.816 x 25)


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