Protecting Your Income

As part of your total rewards package, Eddie Bauer offers several benefits to help you protect your income. Read more about your options below…

Basic Life Insurance

Eddie Bauer automatically provides you with company-paid life insurance equal to one times your annual base earnings (rounded to the next $1,000). In addition, you may elect optional life insurance of up to $350,000, as outlined below.

  • This coverage amount assumes that:
    • Eligible part-time associates work 30 hours per week
    • Eligible full-time regular and salaried associates work 40 hours per week.
  • Company-paid premiums are taxable and will be reported on your T4.

Living Benefit

At the request of a terminally-ill associate, the basic life insurance plan may provide a “Living Benefit.” In other words, individuals may receive a portion of their life insurance benefit before they pass away to help cover personal expenses.

Optional Life Insurance

You can elect to purchase additional life insurance coverage for yourself and your dependents through convenient payroll deduction. Optional life insurance is available as follows:

EnrolleeCoverage Options
AssociateUp to $350,000 in units of $10,000
SpouseUp to $350,000 in units of $10,000
Child(ren)Up to $5,000 in units of $1,000

Associate/Spouse Optional Life Rates

Monthly rates for Associate & Spouse/Partner
(Per $1,000 of coverage)
Under 35$0.10$0.06
35 – 39$0.11$0.07
40 – 44$0.19$0.11
45 – 49$0.31$0.18
50 – 54$0.50$0.30
55 – 59$0.84$0.50
60 – 64$1.39$0.83

Child(ren) Optional Life Rates

  • $0.15 per $1,000 of coverage
  • The child rate us the same regardless of how many children are covered.

The rates outlined above are subject to change.


  • When newly hired/benefits eligible, you will enrol in optional life in UltiPro. Contact the Benefits Team to discuss changes at any other time.
  • In all cases, you and/or your spouse and dependents are required to submit an Evidence Of Insurability (EOI) form when you apply for coverage under the optional life insurance plans. Coverage will begin only after the insurer has assessed and approved the application.
  • The cost of optional life coverage will be deducted from your regular payroll earnings, on an after-tax basis. All benefits paid from the plan are tax-free to you or your beneficiaries.



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