Keeping You Healthy

Promoting a healthy lifestyle is what Eddie Bauer is all about. It’s at our core. It’s what we sell and how we live – at work and in our personal lives. That’s why we offer associates important benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision coverage. Read more about your plan below…


This site gives an overview of the group benefits program at Eddie Bauer and specific information about certain benefits you have the opportunity to enroll in when first hired or promoted into a benefits-eligible position.

There are few things in this world more important than our physical and mental well-being. With that in mind, the Eddie Bauer Health Plan offers affordable medical coverage, including prescription drugs, hospital coverage, and a range of medical services and procedures — above and beyond what’s provided under your provincial healthcare plan.

Provincial Healthcare Plan

In Canada, provincial healthcare plans provide the first line of defense against medical expenses. While these arrangements vary from one province to another, they typically cover a range of medical services, supplies, and procedures, including doctors’ fees and hospital stays.

It is important to note that provincial healthcare plans are updated regularly and that your Eddie Bauer plan won’t automatically cover:

  • All services or procedures de-listed (dropped) from your provincial plan
  • New prescription drugs, medical services, or treatments introduced during the year.

Eddie Bauer and our insurer will monitor these changes closely, and will adjust your Health Plan where it makes good medical and economic sense to do so.

Eddie Bauer Health Plan

As a benefits-eligible associate, you and your eligible family members have access to the Eddie Bauer Health Plan. Manulife administers the plan. This important plan covers the following medical services and procedures to the extent they aren’t covered under your provincial healthcare plan:

Eddie Bauer Extended Health Plan Benefits

BenefitPlan Information
Major Medical Expenses• 100% of the semi-private or private room daily rate
• Up to 80% of all other eligible medical expenses (subject to plan limits)
Prescription Drugs• $100 deductible
• 80% of eligible prescription expenses (you pay 20%)
• Up to $5 in dispensing fees per prescription (you pay costs in excess of the $5 fee cap)
Vision Care• 80% of eligible expenses – to a maximum reimbursement of $200/person every 24 months
• Includes eye exams, prescription eyeglasses (frames & lenses), contact lenses, sunglasses containing corrective lenses, and dispensing fees
Paramedical Practitioners• 80% of eligible expenses
• $500 annual maximum for all practitioners combined, excluded mental health professionals
• $2,500 annual maximum for psychologists and social workers combined
Travel Assistance Plans•Assistance in case of medical emergency (accident or illness) outside of your province of residence
• 100% reimbursement of eligible services and expenses
Health Spending Account (HSA)Tax-free account specifically for healthcare expenses eligible under the Income Tax Act

Note: All reimbursements are subject to the individual benefit maximums and limitations under the plan. For a complete listing of eligible expenses, see your Manulife Benefits Booklet, available by visiting the Plan Descriptions and Forms site.

2020-2021 Medical Contributions (per pay period)

You and the company share the cost of coverage under the Eddie Bauer Health Plan. Here are the rates that you pay:

Associate Only$9.77
Associate + Family$26.90

The rates outlined above are subject to change.

The company-paid premium for provincial healthcare coverage in British Columbia is a taxable benefit to managers residing in BC who enroll in Eddie Bauer’s group Medical Services Plan (MSP) — that is, you will be charged a tax on the premium amount paid on your behalf.

Health Spending Account (HSA)

For the 2019-2020 Plan Year, Eddie Bauer will not be making a contribution to your Health Spending Account (HSA).

HSA funds received in 2019 will continue to be available for your use toward eligible health and dental expenses that aren’t covered (or fully covered) under your Eddie Bauer Health and Dental Plans.

Under current tax rules, you may carry your HSA funds received in 2019 forward for one year – through 2020. Claims must be submitted by 30 June 2021. If you don’t spend the money by the end of 2020 and file your claims before 30 June 2021, you lose it. Also, if you end your employment with Eddie Bauer, all unused HSA dollars are forfeited.

Prescription Drug Coverage

Manulife Managed Formulary (MMF) is our managed prescription drug formulary. The MMF delivers affordable prescription drugs without compromising the quality of treatment available to plan members and family members. Please review the documents below for more details:

Associates receive one ID card for extended health and dental.




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